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Services We Offer

We strive to correct the misalignments in your body so that you can function at a higher level of health and vitality! When your spine is aligned, your nervous system can functions as intended, allowing your body to heal naturally from the inside out. This means, you feel better and ultimately, live better. We offer:


welcome-to-Natural-Chiropractic-CenterPlymouth Chiropractor Offers Natural Healing

Get Personalized Care at Natural Chiropractic Center

Plymouth chiropractor, Dr. Bruce Pearson Pearson wants his patients to understand how their bodies work and how you can heal on your own. “We want to teach you about your health. Through education and understanding, everything is going to change.” At Natural Chiropractic Center, we focus on educating you about the importance of regular chiropractic adjustments, proper nutrition and exercise.

Helping the Body Work Optimally

As a natural form of health care, chiropractic recognizes the body works optimally when the nervous system is free of interference. Such interference can cause various symptoms. Different diseases also can result. There are three types of interference. These are physical trauma, emotional stresses and environmental toxins.

One of the most positive aspects of chiropractic is that it’s drug-free. Dr. Pearson performs spinal adjustments to remove interference. Proper function to the nervous system will be restored. By applying a precise adjustment to a specific part of the spine, Dr. Pearson can remove the interference. Your body then can heal on its own.

Acupuncture—an Effective Complement to Chiropractic

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that complements chiropractic care. Our acupuncturist inserts ultrathin needles into the skin. These stimulate specific points on the body. Acupuncture can address a broad array of conditions. It also can provide pain relief, mood support and much more. Many people think the needles hurt. They don’t. You may feel a tiny pricking sensation, but it’s certainly not painful.