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Welcome To Natural Chiropractic Center

The Chiropractors in Plymouth Welcome you!

Welcome to our practice! Let’s get started…

Day 1

Like with many Chiropractors in Plymouth, your first visit will take about 30 to 40 minutes and that includes obtaining your Health History, medications, Etc. We then will perform an initial consultation, a detailed orthopedic and neurologic examination followed by x-rays of the spine and/or pelvis.

Next, it’s time to schedule 2 reports with the Chiropractor in Plymouth to review exam findings and x-rays and also the best recommendations for care.

Day Two

This is the day that we’ll review your exam and x-ray findings. If we see appropriate, you will begin treatment on this day.

Day Three

On this treatment day, we’ll sit down and go over your best recommendations for care. We would also discuss the financial responsibility to help you understand what your insurance covers, and the different options for payment.

Typically, the patient would bring their spouse or significant other to this report.

Ready to begin care? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with your Plymouth Chiropractor.

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