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Plymouth Chiropractor Reviews

What Our Plymouth Patients Have To Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Natural Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below and please  contact the office if you have any questions.

You’ll like what you read about Dr. Bruce Pearson, the Plymouth Chiropractor!

Bruce is a great man. I am new to chiropractic and he was kind enough to sit down with me and explain the science behind this practice. He was great with his examination and diagnostic skills and I found him very dedicated and sincere to his profession. I was there for a general check up and he did not impose any treatment on me. Great working environment and a very friendly staff. I am definitely going back. Highly recommended to all. Shoaib S.

Highly Recommend

I was working in Plymouth and very much needed an adjustment. I asked a local friend for a recommendation. She recommended Dr Pearson, The office staff was very helpful getting me seen, Dr. Pearson treated me, and I returned the next day for a follow-up. I am now on the mend and will finish my treatment at home. I highly recommend Dr. Pearson and will see him again if needed while I am traveling in the area for my job.

~Gregory G.

Seirra Smith and Chiropractor, Dr. Pearson

“Dr. Bruce has been keeping me in line for nearly my whole life. I feel refreshed after each adjustment, so I make sure to stop by for an adjustment before any big swim races. Thanks, Dr. Bruce, for cheering me on!”
Sierra Smith, Minnesota State Champion Swimmer

So Glad To Be Here

Went in because my back went out. Have been going there for a month now with much improvement. Had bad pains in my neck for five months that I did not even tell him about he started cracking my neck about three weeks ago, I have had the pain in my neck once since then and that was a couple of weeks ago and has not happened since. I am so glad that I went there he has been so helpful to me.

~Keith E.

I enjoy going to Natural Chiropractic Center because I always feel welcome, and receive top class treatment from the entire staff. Dr. Pearson and his staff are extremely friendly, professional and respectful resulting in V.I.P. treatment with successful outcomes for me. Dr. Pearson, you are the best Chiropractor ever. Thanks for the great service you provide. Ethel B.

Highly Recommend!

From day one of my attempts to return back to work and get whole again, physically, and emotionally, Dr. Pearson and his team at Natural Chiropractic in Plymouth were amazing. After being involved in a 2013 MVA, I was searching for a practitioner that was not only knowledgeable, but caring, and personally involved in getting me back to my previous physical condition, of competing internationally.

Dr. Pearson, helped me get the follow-up tests and medical attention I lacked early on after my accident. His office staff were very instrumental in scheduling me, with their acupuncturist to help me function on a very demanding schedule. As of today I am still in need of his treatment and highly recommend his practice for any of your physical needs, related to an accident or just keeping your alignment in check.

Just a footnote; my daughter was so excited to see me feeling better after my appointments with Dr. Bruce; She asked to be adjusted for some of her sports aches and pains and still looks forward to every visit we make to Dr. Pearson.

~Sam S.

I like that I can come in whenever it works for my schedule rather than making an appointment. Dr. Bruce is friendly and professional. I love the roller massage machine – very relaxing. Peg M.

Been Seeing Dr. Pearson For Over 10 Years!

My first visit was probably a decade or so ago. While I don’t remember the particulars, I do know that it was a positive experience, as have all the visits been in the intervening years. Dr. Bruce is a delight–professionally acute, personable and willing to take time to answer questions, explore new avenues and share experiences (both his and mine!). The office staff is obviously well-trained in customer care–they are friendly, responsive and flexible–and always warm and cheerful!

~Marilou T.

Fantastic doctor and staff. Would recommend to everyone that needs help. Even those that just want to keep healthy! Ellen R.

Excellent Service And Great Care

Excellent service and great care from Dr. Pearson. I knew I was at the chiropractor from the very first day, as I felt relief after the first adjustment. Office staff is very friendly! I guess one could say Natural Chiropractic Center is like Cheers. Everybody knows your name. I would certainly recommend Dr. Pearson and his staff to anyone needing chiropractic care. Great care, great customer service and an overall friendly environment. Even fellow patients greet you when you’re there! Thank you Natural Chiropractic Center, Dr. Pearson and the staff.

~Brian W.

It was superb. I was able to receive relief from an injury that had plagued me for months! Dr. Bruce listened to my issues, explained his course of action and I was back running in just a few short weeks. I regret waiting so long to get his help. I highly recommend him to anyone. Joy S.

We look forward to meeting with you in person and learning how chiropractic can fit into your health care goals. Contact our office today and we can arrange a time to explore your options!